Sault Scuba Centre has proudly served the Sault and area for 47 years. I am so grateful to have met so many wonderful people and made such amazing memories and friendships over the last 31 plus years . 💙 💦 During that time we have had fantastic teaching teams and instructors who have safely exposed so many to the underwater realm and the beauty it holds. 💦 🤿 Whether it was showing you how to snorkel with confidence, introducing you a new sport called underwater hockey, or scuba diving. 🤿The underwater hockey folks are in a class all by themselves. You would be hard pressed to find another group of folks so likeable and willing to teach and pass along their knowledge of this sport. 🌊 We did several years of underwater clean-ups at the Sault Canal, Bushplane and a joint clean-up at the Mackinaw Island docks. 🐟Sault Scuba has been there to provide you with several options for exposure wear and equipment for most of the water related sports. 💙 This journey will be drawing to a close this season. The shop at 102 Northern Ave East was listed for sale June 7th, 2021. ‼️ There will be sales on existing stock, so check your equipment, in case you need something. ‼️If your tanks need visuals or hydros, please don’t put off bringing them in for service. 💙 I want to THANK YOU for your years of loyalty and friendships. 💙 Keep your fins wet! 💦 Colleen