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FREE UK Heavy Duty Hanger with the purchase of any new 5 ml or 7 ml full wet suit or 7 ml 2 piece wet suit. Offer is limited till hangers disappear or July 15th, 2018- whichever comes first!

Reminder we have children’s wear and swimming items such as fins, masks, snorkels, shoes, and tee shirts.  Child and Adult sun protection clothing-  skins, hats, gloves,  shirts of all sizes to ensure you are ultraviolet safeguarded.

Come over- and check out the new items in the store.


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Dolphin Aquatic Club Dive Sites

In the last year, Colleen has been the recipient of some articles from a gentleman East of the Sault. In good faith, Colleen would like to share this older  book of dive site information with the diving community of this area. If you are considering a diving trip to Sudbury area, check out their Dive Group Site and maybe contact someone to join you for the dives!

Dolphin Aquatic Club Diving Sites Chptr 1

Pages from Dolphin Aquatic Club Diving Sites Chptr 2

Dolphin Aquatic Club Diving Sites Chptr 3

Pages from Dolphin Aquatic Club Diving Sites Chptr 4

Pages from Dolphin Aquatic Club Diving Sites Chptr 5 to end


Sudbury Dolphin Aquatic Club


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Facebook Pages to Check Out

Like and Share the  Sault Scuba Centre Limited Facebook Page  for Flash Sales , Products,  Consignment Products, Information about upcoming events, etc.


check out and ask to join our  Sault Ste.Marie and Area Scuba Diving Facebook group site. You will see who wants to go for a dive, what’s happening in the area. Fun facts, pictures …. conversation….

We welcome the older/experienced but hopefully not retired divers, new divers, or just people interested in diving….maybe we can help you get back into this relaxing sport.  Always looking for new sites to explore.

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Getting cabin fever?

Thinking of getting your fins wet?

In case your wet suit shrank during the holiday season, there are a very limited supply of 3, 5 & 7mm full suits. Henderson AquaLock and Thermoprene suits. My suppliers moved their warehouse, so I was able to secure some great product at smoking prices.
Sizes range from small, med., med/large, large , large tall, xl, xlshort, xxl short and 3xl. Plus all my in-store 6.5-7mm 2 piece wetsuits reg.up to $425.00 are clearing out at $299.95 (mixed companies) plus taxes.

Don’t be disappointed drop by and check out these suits. 705 256-8015

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Heading to Warmer Weather?

Before you go, make sure you have what you need to be safe from the strong effects of the hot sun.  Skins available at Sault Scuba.  Children sizes on up.  Come check out the colors and styles. We also have snorkels, masks, and various sizes of fins. Don’t forget, the intelligent leasing blog has something special for travelers as well.

There are lots of amazing places to go diving and snorkeling all over the country and if you are looking for a new car but know but your credit hasn’t quite got what it takes then don’t worry, an easy loan for people with bad credit
is completely possible for the trip. Just remember to find the right vehicle for you and your equipment and to drive safe.


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Safety Notice RE: Aqua Lung

Aqua Lung Regulator Safety Problem

Do you have one of those Aqua Lung regulators with that Auto Closure Device or ACD? That’s the feature that allows you to rinse your first-stage without the blanking cap in place and without getting water in the works. Well, Aqua Lung is concerned that a component may not have been properly tightened resulting in a possible gas-flow failure during a dive. Aqua Lung is conducting a voluntary product check of regulators with the ACD yoke systems. Models affected are the Titan LX with serial numbers prefixed E or F, the Core ACD with serial numbers prefixed E – H, and the Legend ACD or Legend LX ACD. If you have one of these regulators, best get it checked out by a qualified Aqua Lung service technician in New Jersey. For additional assistance, please call 800-775-3483 or visit and click on the Safety Notice.